Company at a glance

Our aim is to save the customer time and money while at the same time increase productivity.

With years of experience in the storage solution and material handling industry, we have worked closely with many of the top 3PL, distribution and manufacturing facilities in Canada.

One of Rack Install Inc.’s key advantage over other installation companies is Project Management.

We work closely with Product Suppliers, Transportation\Delivery Companies, Project Designers and Engineers along with the Customer’s Key Personal involved to insure the project is Done Right and On Time!

To better serve our clients Rack Install Inc. has joined forces with All-Rite Storage Solutions to offer a Full Line of Storage and Material Handling Products.  New and Used Racking and Shelving, Mezzanines and Warehouse Safety Products and much more.  Highly Competitive Rates and Delivery Times to Secure your Business!

What we offer

Professional and Experienced Installation Services

Installation Services of: Racking, Mezzanines, Shelving, Warehouse Safety Products, Wire Mesh Partitions.

Damage Repair and Replacement

Our Damage Repair Service protects your equipment/investment by providing repair and/or replacement of your equipment in the event of an accident.

Damage Assessment 

Our Damage Assessment specialists will evaluate damage to structures and equipment after a loss occurs. We help determine the nature and extent of the damage whether it is readily apparent or hidden. We quickly provide a plan of action to restore the property to pre-loss condition, and tell you what the recovery will cost. Our experts will also manage the recovery process to ensure that work is performed in a timely, cost-effective and reliable manner.

Pre Start Health and Safety Reviews

Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews (PSRs), are intended to identify potential hazards to workers in a manufacturing facility or distribution centre and recommend remedial measures to control or remove these potential hazards before an apparatus, structure, protective element or process (or modification to an apparatus, structure, protective element or process) is operated or used in that facility.