Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews

Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews (PSRs), are intended to identify potential hazards to workers in a manufacturing facility or distribution centre and recommend remedial measures to control or remove these potential hazards before an apparatus, structure, protective element or process (or modification to an apparatus, structure, protective element or process) is operated or used in that factory.  “Control or Removal” means that measures are identified to provide that the sections referenced in Section 7 of Regulation 851 (and, where applicable, the standards or codes approved by the MOL (Ministry of Labour) are met.

With Ontario laws and regulations aiming at becoming the most diligent and safest in the world, companies operating in the province are being encouraged to put their health and safety programs on the priority list.

The intent of the pre-start health and safety review, introduced by the Ministry of Labour in 2000, is to identify specific hazards associated with a machine or process and to ensure that these hazards are eliminated by “design” prior to machine operation.  Recommendations passed down in these reviews should aim to increase a company’s productivity and market competitiveness.

As an employer or a manager are you still questioning the safety of machinery on the plant floor? Are you unsure whether the machine or process meets the required standards and regulations set out by MOL?  In the event of an accident are you, the employer responsible for safety?  Is your company capable of proving that all reasonable safety precautions had been taken prior to the occurrence of severe worker injury?

Ontario companies who are failing to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act run the risk of facing huge fines.  Unsafe work practices are not only illegal, but global industrial leaders are recognizing that safety is good business.